Kiwi Kiwiastur

Kiwiastur kiwifruit

Kiwiastur kiwifruit is a top quality guaranteed indigenous brand that is full of flavour, texture and aroma, with an ideal Brix value for its consumption. Kiwi is a soft fruit that has greater nutritional properties compared to other fruits. These properties are found in the kiwi’s seeds which are naturally eaten together with the flesh. Additionally, none of its nutrients are lost as the fruit does not need to be cooked before eating.

Kiwiastur Selección kiwifruit

Kiwiastur Selección is the highest quality product in the Kiwiastur range and is intended to satisfy the most demanding palates.

The kiwifruit is carefully and individually picked by our expert packers who look for the best characteristics in size and shape. This type of product would be graded between 18 and 25.

It is a kiwifruit that attracts attention due to its appearance, shape and size. Its excellent presentation on a 3 kg honeycombed packing sheet is also worth noting.

Kiwi Kiwiastur Selección
Mermelada de Kiwi Kiwiastur

Kiwiastur Jam

The Asturian Kiwiastur kiwi production takes place from November to June; the rest of the year, the best way to continue to enjoy our kiwi is with Kiwiastur Jam. Our jam keeps all the kiwifruit’s nutrients, vitamins and minerals intact along with its laxative and antioxidant properties and low calorie content, making it an ideal choice for any occasion.

Where can I find it?

You can find our jam in fruit shops, specialised shops, department stores and also here online. It is supplied in a 275 g glass jar.

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