Our plantations

Our farmer’s plantations are located in an area that offers microclimatic conditions: warm, sunny, humid, from which we benefit as described below.

The farmers’ plantations are found in lush, productive valleys next to rivers and near the coastline. They are of an average size allowing the production to be “pampered” and very few mechanised techniques are used. In order to respect the environment and achieve a completely guaranteed end product, no insecticide treatment is used for production.

Acidic soil, a humid and mild temperate climate and excellent quality water, produce a characteristic kiwifruit with its long-lasting, sweet and sour fruity flavour.

Limitation of per-hectare yields are carried out naturally, a crucial factor for the product’s organoleptic properties and taste quality, and therefore size, quality and flavour are greater and more intense.

As regards to climate, the cold, mild winter guarantees uniformity in the production and quite often, the late spring frosts affect the trees which may well produce better fruits at harvest time. This also naturally lengthens the ripening process on the tree, which is essential for the Brix value and dry matter content as these are responsible for the end product’s sweetness and acidity.

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