Storage and Preservation

Storage and Preservation


Storage and preservation

Kiwiastur guarantees that the fruit received by the consumer will be as fresh as the day it was picked from the tree. For this purpose, each entry is identified and controlled by farmer, Brix value, dry matter, plantation, harvesting date, lot, etc., on its arrival at the plant.

The fruits delivered from the plantations are stored for a minimum of 24 hours in the drying area in order to naturally heal the damage caused to their stalks during collection.

The refrigeration chambers are equipped with a gradual fruit cooling system so it can reach the preservation temperature 10 to 15 days from its check-in; depending on its delivery temperature.

These chambers are provided with ethylene and disease control equipment that releases an electric current to sterilise the air inside. The humidifiers installed in the chambers also help to maintain the fruit firm and intact.

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